When I got started playing with sourdough, it was simply to try and make a simple loaf of sourdough. I have always loved the tang of San Francisco sourdough bread so when my friend offered me some starter I decided, why not make some myself. How hard could it be? Turns out it isn’t that hard and it is fun to boot.

Well, that was several moons and several hundred pounds of flour ago. I was amazed to find out you can make any flour product into sourdough. Granted you must like the tang of sourdough so if you do there is a world of amazing taste treats in store for you. Whenever I’m asked, “Can you make _____?” The answer is always yes! “How about scones, beignets, or tortillas?” Yes, yes and yes! There is always a skeptic with a raised eyebrow that asks, “What about a chocolate cake? Bet that doesn’t work!” Yes, yes it does.

After a ton of research and painstakingly trying many, many recipes, I have determined conclusively,

If it’s made with Flour, We make it Sour!

I must admit that once I discovered how versatile sourdough is, I couldn’t stop myself from trying every recipe I could get my hands on. Pretzels almost became a religious experience. Jalapeno/Pepperjack loafs (AKA, Crack bread) could not be kept past one day ’cause it was consumed so quickly. Once you make sourdough English muffins, you’ll never buy store bought again. Did I mention the waffles? OMG! I have never had an experience to rival the lightness and taste of a sourdough waffle. My current favorite loaf is my Black Russian Bread with chocolate, coffee, molasses, balsamic vinegar and tons of seeds.

The adventure is just beginning. Join me as we discover new and amazing recipes. I have had no formal training as a baker. I can grill and cook outdoors, and have always found my way around the kitchen, making simple meals, but sourdough has kicked up my game to world class levels. My next challenge will be to bake all this sourdough goodness outdoors, in my dutch ovens. I can’t wait!

A Final Word.

As I mentioned, I have had no formal training as a baker. I still am trying to get my head around baker’s percentages and hydration levels. It has been a long and painful road to get where I can produce a great ball of dough without hours of kneading or frustration. I can promise you that the recipes I post here have been tried many times. I won’t bore you with all my failures (most often because I forgot a step or ingredient!) but will share what I have learned and what I like. Please use these recipes as a jumping off point for your own adventures. Also, please let me know what worked for you or what didn’t so we can learn together.


Make it Happy, Make it Sour!